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I am  a huge fan of Sex and the City, most especially because of Sarah Jessica Parker.

I’ve loved her since Square Pegs (do you remember that tv show?)

When I heard that she was here, I had to pull all my connections to meet her.

As luck would have it, the gods smiled down on me and lo and behold I bumped into her at the lobby of the Pen!

She was so gracious!  As a sign of good will, I gave her a long vintage type necklace

As well as the TATJANA clutch

I hope she likes and wears it out!

At the SM Aura opening that evening, a good friend, DS gave us a private introduction.  When she saw me, she waved and said, “Hello again!”

I can’t begin to tell you how sweet and gracious she was.  So humble and down to earth! I was in fan heaven.

I couldn’t stop gushing in Instagram and Facebook so my friend Maco made this for me!

He named it, “New Barkada!” hahaha how I wish!

Thanks to everyone who was instrumental to making this fan meet her icon!

As you might have noticed, we have updated our website and we are excited for you to experience this.  Since the site is categorized, it is easier to access pictures of the jewellery to the bags to how she wears it.

On this note, please allow me, dear reader, to make this blog a more personal one.  As they say, change is good.

I am also on instagram and twitter for instant gratification.

See you on the next post!

Here are some goodies that will go on sale this January 22-25.

Stingray bracelets at 30% off

Amazonite and pink shell necklace with white sapphires at 30% off.

Chained citrine and amehtyst at 30% off

Janina homme belts at 30% off

Sliders and transformers at 30% off

TATJANA clutches at 30% off.

Hope this whets your appetite. See you!

Inside Harvey Nichols.

Thrilled that my TATJANA clutch is a part of the Harvey Nichols fall 2012 collection line up.

Thank you for taking  a picture Gracita!

Meet the TATE.


Fall in love with the TATJANA long clutch in ostrich leg.

It comes in a plethora of colors and combinations.

Ostrich leg has a shiny glossy finish that makes the diamond stand out even more.

Now available.

Isha Andaya Valles, Editor of and Philip Cu-unjieng of Metro Magazine

Hipsters Paul Syjuco, Cedric Cid, James Reyes and Jae Pickrell

These are Mom’s dearest friends whom I believe have never missed a single anniversary show of ours.

I love them to bits!

Always glamorous, Rufina Lima and Salome Uy with the oracle of the family, Ginny Dizon

The crowd watching the video. Spotted is EIC Pauline Juan of Preview

The TATJANA clutch is now available in ostrich leg.  Isn’t it pretty?

Jewellery on display

Great friends Annabelle Chavez, Rosette Fernandez, Dorothy Neri and Mitzi de Guzman

Designer friends Dennis Lustico and James Reyes with supermodel Ria Bolivar.

The muse and I.  Thank you Ria!!

Gray and green ostrich leg Tatjana long

Purple and fuchsia ostrich leg Tatjana long

Violet and chocolate ostrich leg

Fuchsia and camel ostrich leg

Black stingray and gray ostrich leg combination.

Now available.

The many faces of the TATJANA

The different personalities of the TATJANA clutch.

1. The outgoing perky lady who loves to have fun and wants to be noticed.  This is your TATJANA.

2. The classic lady who prefers monochrome colors, often chooses her bags in muted, neutral colors.

This is your TATJANA.

What kind are you?

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