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As you might have noticed, we have updated our website and we are excited for you to experience this.  Since the site is categorized, it is easier to access pictures of the jewellery to the bags to how she wears it.

On this note, please allow me, dear reader, to make this blog a more personal one.  As they say, change is good.

I am also on instagram and twitter for instant gratification.

See you on the next post!

Here are some goodies that will go on sale this January 22-25.

Stingray bracelets at 30% off

Amazonite and pink shell necklace with white sapphires at 30% off.

Chained citrine and amehtyst at 30% off

Janina homme belts at 30% off

Sliders and transformers at 30% off

TATJANA clutches at 30% off.

Hope this whets your appetite. See you!

Unisex gift ideas under P 15,000.00

bi colored stingray belts

homme belts

An assortment of lavender and green jade with gemstone centers in yellow gold.

Stingray rings with diamond centers in pink silver.

Isabel Lovina wears a drusy agate surrounded by lavender enamel and white sapphires

Ann Jacobe purchases her first stingray belt (something tells me it won´t be her last)

Alice Lu wears her red homme belt casually with jeans

Jessica Tan Gan wears her first Transformer earrings

I would like to show you the Father’s day gift my friend Windie, gave to her husband, Taka.

Windie told me that she would like another slider  for him. I  wanted to personalize it so I quickly sketched a quick one playing with his initials.

I didn’t realize our hubbies have the same initials.

Finished product. You might not notice, but that is an inverted black diamond (bottom up) on the side.

the hunky happy hubby!

Now who says straight men can’t wear jewellery?

Father’s day promotion

Buy any JANINA homme jewellery for Father’s day..

..for purchases over P 15,000, get this iPad case for free .

Promotion runs till June 15, 2012.

Sneak Peek

I am so excited. We are preparing for our anniversary show, a new website and lots of goodies.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we have been up to.

Stay tuned!

How He Wears JANINA homme

Dennis Robles is such a great model for my JANINA homme, his joie de vivre for fashion really shows.

He wears the steel gray JANINA homme belt

San Francisco based interior designer Michael Bello.  This guy cracks me up!

He wears the caramel JANINA homme belt

The remaining JANINA homme belts available.

My friend Joey

If I had to think of a muse for my JANINA homme, it would have to be Joey Lorenzo.  He lives in Japan and is such a stylish gent. His taste is impeccable.  He knows what he wants and what looks good on him so collaborating designs is always a breeze.

Here he is, sorry it’s a camera phone pic but isn’t he so chic?

Here he wears my rock crystal egg on a leather cord.

He is in town for a few days and wanted a black and white pearl leather bracelet done in a very casual manner so this is what we came up with. Something he can really rough up.

Black south sea pearl and white freshwater pearl. Can be worn separately.

This idea was conceived and executed in just over 30 minutes!

as worn.

Isn’t he just?

Love you Joey!

The men of JANINA homme

My sister, Candy (of fame) had a grand photo shoot a few weeks ago (read it here)

She had good looking men surround her  and they wore Bergamo, Rhett Eala and Janina homme.

Robbie Becroft

Drew Rivera

Franc David

Marc Gueco

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