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As you might have noticed, we have updated our website and we are excited for you to experience this.  Since the site is categorized, it is easier to access pictures of the jewellery to the bags to how she wears it.

On this note, please allow me, dear reader, to make this blog a more personal one.  As they say, change is good.

I am also on instagram and twitter for instant gratification.

See you on the next post!

The Dizon sisters on Cocktales

Thank you Daphne Paez, Cita Revilla and Vic Agustin for having us in your show.

Please click on the pic to watch a sneak preview.

It was fun!

Seen on the Scene!

All around town

Thank you for wearing JANINA!

How She Wears It

New Mommy Ann Yambao looking effortlessly chic with white agate Transformer earrings and a Maureen Disini gown.

Sari Yap was just off to celebrate her birthday when I saw her in the lobby of the Pen.  She is probably one of the first ever to wear the Transformer earrings.

Daphne Paez wears the indian ring while playing around with Instagram

I love how Reina combined these two slivers of  bracelets together.

Spotted all around town

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