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Outgrown jewellery

We all have it.  Jewellery that we have bought when we were younger, gifted by a loved one or inherited that we have outgrown.

BT had a smattering of these that she wanted to be able to wear again and wanted to re use it as a bangle bracelet.

I saw her stones and noticed that they were a mix of different shapes and sizes.

Voila, the finished product.

worn casually with a watch.

As you can see, we even had leftover diamonds to make a new ring!

Thank you BT and hope you enjoy your new bangle!


MC wanted a pair of dramatic earrings that could carry her from day to night.

She had all these classic diamonds pieces that she’s outgrown.

The end result:

When worn.

Wonderful isn’t it?


From this..

..to this.

If you’re not wearing it anymore, bring it over.

Let’s make you fall in love again.

I did it again. I forgot to do a before and after pic.

This ring that I am posting is a beauty.  Ring of multi shaped diamonds in 18k rose gold ring

Hard to think that it was once made of diamonds not used or in dated settings.

Bespoke and specially made for Ms. Rochelle del Rosario

Bespoke Necklace

One of my favorite clients, Allen Tan came by last year and wanted to prepare a gift for his wife for Christmas and wedding anniversary.  He had a loose south sea pearl, some corals, blue sapphires and rubies that he wanted to have made into a necklace.  Normally, this kind of mixture is hard to combine but inspiration struck and this is what came out of it.

This is one of the many times I wished I took a before pic before making the piece.

Up close.  As they say, God is in the details.

Needless to say, I fell in love with this necklace.  Allen, you haven’t told me how your wife liked your surprise?  Do tell!

Bespoke Transformers

BJ had a pair of classic heart shaped diamond earrings.  She also had a diamond bracelet that she wasn’t using anymore.  I told her that we could dress up her heart if she wanted to.

The solitaire studs.

Tranformer 1

Transformer 2

The danglers can also be used for other earrings ie pearl, brilliant cut diamonds..

We also made a ring to match it.

She’s really happy with how it turned out and it makes me happy that she loves it.

Bespoke Service

These are some pieces I have designed specially for my clients

Black shagreen with green emerald and diamonds in 18k white gold

Diamonds in a “sakura” design in 18 karat rose and white gold

Lizard diamond on a wooden ring in 18k rose gold

Keishi pearls and diamonds in a black coral cuff

Moonstone buddhas with multi colored sapphires in 18k yellow gold

Multi colored stones set in silver plated gold in mint shagreen cuff

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