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I love a well dressed man. Who doesn’t? The recently concluded Oscars saw men more stylish than ever before. Custom fit tuxedos in various hues that made me sit up and take note of what they’re wearing. After awhile, I saw a common thread. Most of the men I found dapper were wearing bejeweled pins!
Excitedly and obsessively I started scouring for estate pins and here’s what I’ve amassed.
If you like Jared Leto’s style, might I suggest this?
1920’s Art Deco pin with old mine cut diamonds on platinum over gold.
1940’s arrow pin with old cut diamonds on 18k yellow gold
I can see  Common wearing these
Crescent shaped blue sapphires and diamond pin on platinum over gold. Circa 1930’s.
Estate pin of pearls and old cut diamonds crescent pin.  Circa 1930’s.
Zac Posen can totally carry this off
Blackamoor of onyx and rose cut diamonds on oxidized silver and gold.
Terrence Howard’s pin is a bit more spherical, might I suggest this pin?
1920’s circular pin of pearls and blue sapphires on 14k yellow gold.
Over the lapel, as a scarf pin or as a tie bar, these would look so cool, don’t you think?
As you can see they can also be worn by women so it is multi functional.
I think it’s about time we bring the dandy back!

Now available at JANINA for Jul Dizon, Peninsula Manila hotel.

From the Old to the New

IL came over today and showed me a few of her heirloom pcs. She was considering resetting them and after viewing, I deemed it too precious to be remounted.  I love estate jewellery. For me, it holds so much mystery since they have seen far more than we have. The birth of your mother, a marriage, the graduation of a child.  Wonderful or not so wonderful memories.  I once read somewhere that you tend to forget the occassion of gifts sent you but not if it’s jewellery. Something like that.

This natural pearl pendant was passed on to her by her Great Aunt. See how beautiful it still is?

We decided a rosary type chain necklace of white topaz in white gold will liven it up.

You can wear it this way

or this way.

Don’t you just love the juxtaposition of the frayed denim shirt and the vintage jewellery?

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