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Outgrown jewellery

We all have it.  Jewellery that we have bought when we were younger, gifted by a loved one or inherited that we have outgrown.

BT had a smattering of these that she wanted to be able to wear again and wanted to re use it as a bangle bracelet.

I saw her stones and noticed that they were a mix of different shapes and sizes.

Voila, the finished product.

worn casually with a watch.

As you can see, we even had leftover diamonds to make a new ring!

Thank you BT and hope you enjoy your new bangle!

The jewellery at the Oscars.

I just finished watching the Oscars and I am happy to see such astounding jewellery.

As I’ve always said, jewellery always finishes the outift.

Here are my personal bests.

Lupita Nyong’o is a breath of fresh air!  She is impeccably styled.  Her gown is very dreamy while her earrings are very edgy.  I love how she mixed it up.

I wonder if she will singlehandedly bring the headband back?

One of my personal faves, Olivia Wilde is stunning. I love how simple she looks knowing that her baby bump is her biggest accessory!  I love the pop 0f white coral/agate(?) on her ears! (we have something similar to this by the way, drop by!)

Another proof that the baby bump is the best accessory? Here is Kerry Washington and her eternity rings.

A more sophisticated version of Lupita’s earrings on Sandra Bullock.  These are MAJOR diamonds!

I love how Jennifer Lawrence wore her necklace.  Although I was wondering if it was taped because I saw her fall but the necklace didn’t budge?  No matter, she does it all with grace.

I wouldn’t have thought that Naomi Watt’s neckpiece would match her sequined dress but lo and behold it did.  She was a great standout in her white dress.

Black and white. The necklace is all that Charlize Theron needed.

And for major wattage, here are Angelina Jolie’s sparklers

Apparently, her diamond earrings are a total of 42 carats!


Remember her green emeralds?

To this day, I still dream of those earrings.

Photo credits to eonline, nj.com. screengladiator.com, justjared, elle.com

I am  a huge fan of Sex and the City, most especially because of Sarah Jessica Parker.

I’ve loved her since Square Pegs (do you remember that tv show?)

When I heard that she was here, I had to pull all my connections to meet her.

As luck would have it, the gods smiled down on me and lo and behold I bumped into her at the lobby of the Pen!

She was so gracious!  As a sign of good will, I gave her a long vintage type necklace

As well as the TATJANA clutch

I hope she likes and wears it out!

At the SM Aura opening that evening, a good friend, DS gave us a private introduction.  When she saw me, she waved and said, “Hello again!”

I can’t begin to tell you how sweet and gracious she was.  So humble and down to earth! I was in fan heaven.

I couldn’t stop gushing in Instagram and Facebook so my friend Maco made this for me!

He named it, “New Barkada!” hahaha how I wish!

Thanks to everyone who was instrumental to making this fan meet her icon!

Anne at the Oscars

Did you like how Anne Hathaway wore her necklace to the Oscars?

I loved the idea but maybe in a different design.

What do you think?

This Christmas, let us take care of your wish list.

Simply drop by the store, choose what you like and let us know who to contact.  We will handle it from there.

We will give a special gift for every wish granted and part of the proceeds from the purchase will be donated to MAKE A WISH Foundation.

(read more about it here)

Promotion starts on November 12 and ends December 22, 2012.

See you at the store!


I need to share this fashion editorial with you.

This feature came from The Financial Times, Superior Interior edition and it mixed furniture and jewellery of which I both love.

The styling, the set up, the jewellery is impeccable.

I am moved by these images.

The chicks are such a great idea!

The surrealistic quality of the photos are astounding.

This is my favorite.

I truly love these images.

What moves you?

How She Wears It

Irene Araneta wears a bangle I made for her almost 10 years ago. It was a playful take on her ‘chiclet’ pearls.
Anna Rufino adds new Transformers to her growing collection
Raquel Que wears the onyx and blue topaz eternity ring bands combination

New Transformer tops

Here are some new tops to add to your transformer collection.

Blue topaz with pearls and white sapphires in pink silver

Blue topaz with peridots and amethysts in silver

Citrines with amethysts and peridot in yellow silver

Peridot with amethysts and blue topaz in silver

to make this..

Now in store.

Isha Andaya Valles, Editor of Stylebible.ph and Philip Cu-unjieng of Metro Magazine

Hipsters Paul Syjuco, Cedric Cid, James Reyes and Jae Pickrell

These are Mom’s dearest friends whom I believe have never missed a single anniversary show of ours.

I love them to bits!

Always glamorous, Rufina Lima and Salome Uy with the oracle of the family, Ginny Dizon

The crowd watching the video. Spotted is EIC Pauline Juan of Preview

The TATJANA clutch is now available in ostrich leg.  Isn’t it pretty?

Jewellery on display

Great friends Annabelle Chavez, Rosette Fernandez, Dorothy Neri and Mitzi de Guzman

Designer friends Dennis Lustico and James Reyes with supermodel Ria Bolivar.

The muse and I.  Thank you Ria!!

New Creations

Starting Friday, July 20, 2012, our new collection will be in store.

Hope to see you!

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